ToBITas is a proof of concept of a mobile robotic platform operated using physiological sensors, such as Electromyograph and Accelerometers attached to the human body. For the prototype a BITalino sensor board and a Bot’n Roll mobile robotic platform were chosen.

BITalino board connected to a smartphone and to the Bot'n Roll mobile robotic platform.

Overview of the ToBITas System

It was developed originally as a collaboration between members of the Egokituz Lab (University of the Basque Country) and team BIT of the Instituto Superior Técnico – University of Lisbon (IST-UL)) for the SAPO Codebits 2014 48 hour programming contest obtaining the 2nd place in the people choice award category.

ToBITas has been also applied as a way to collect data of the rehabilitation exercises performance, we call this application the “animatronic biofeedback“.

ToBITas has been evaluated in the following papers:

  • ANIMATRONIC BIOFEEDBACK: A Context-Aware Application to Increase Elderly Users Compliance with Physical Rehabilitation Exercises at Home via Animatronic Biofeedback. Gamecho B., Silva H., Guerreiro J., Gardazabal L., Abascal A. Journal of Medical Systems. Vol. 39, No. 135. August 2015. DOI: 10.1007/s10916-015-0296-1. [Springer Link]
  • TOBITAS CASE STUDY: Evaluation of a Context-Aware Application for Mobile Robot Control Mediated by Physiological Data: The ToBITas Case Study. Gamecho B., Guerreiro J., Alves A.P., Lourenço A., Silva H.P., Gardeazabal L., Abascal J., Fred A. In: Proceedings of 8th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence (UCAmI’14). [Springer Link]

Slides for ToBITas Case Study

Experimental results for ToBITas Case Study

Data from the experiment


  • Demographic questionary for 11 participants
  • SUS questionary for 11 participants
  • Time measurements for 3 attemps in the control task to 13 participants